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Rare English Bulldog Breeder | Your Majesty Bulldogs

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The Cronje 8

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We love our English Bulldogs. We pick our breeding dogs very carefully and consider health and quality over anything else. All our dogs are AKC registered. Our dogs live in our house with us and play and are loved on by our kids every day.  We strive  to better the breed and work with the best English Bulldog specialist veterinarians to deliver the healthiest puppies possible. We health test all our breeding dogs and feed them only the finest vet recommended food. We cannot do this alone, it is really hard!! That is why we have a community of breeders and only the best English Bulldog vets in DFW helping us on our journey. Where our puppies go is important to us. We are only interested in sweet, loving homes for our puppies. Our mission is to produce happy and healthy bulldogs that make great family companions. We strive to produce healthy, wrinkly, Big bones and family oriented bulldogs. No bulldog is cheap!! So, if you are going to spend the money you might as well buy from a responsible, ethical breeder that will surpass your expectations.

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 Are you looking for a rare color, exceptional pedigree or blue eyed English bulldog?

Are you looking for a rare color, exceptional pedigree or blue eyed English bulldog?

We have bred some incredible puppies!!

Good Dog Certified Breeder

Good Dog Certified Breeder

Screening Criteria from the GoodDog company:

- Careful screening based on science

- Good intentions and knowledgable

- A lifelong commitment

- Prioritizes the well-being of their dogs

- Our standards are just the beginning

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