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How to Breed English Bulldogs

How to Breed English Bulldogs

So, You want to Breed English Bulldogs.

A Few Things, You will want to know…

There are special buyers, who, come with the secret hope and anticipation of wanting to breed, they see the cute puppies and believe me they really are cute, and they imagine themselves with a litter of puppies of their own.  But here a few things you should consider before starting.

  • EB’s sell for a good price, but that’s because, they are expensive to breed.
  • Breeding EB’s takes work and takes some money.
  • Most EB’s do not breed naturally and need to be artificially inseminated.
  • Most EB’s do not give birth naturally and have to have a c section.
  • Most EB’s need help with their new born puppies, and you have to be closely involved.
  • To avoid losing any puppies, new Born EB’s require special equipment and care the first 3 weeks, either from you or a EB nanny.
  • Puppies need good nutritional food, good food means healthy puppies, there are no short cuts
  • Your puppies need to be vet checked and immunized.
  • You have to let you fur babies (that you have hand raised and loved), go to a new home.
Costs of Breeding

Costs of Breeding

  • good food
  • vet fees /immunization
  • worming
  • keep things clean at all times
  • time involved
  • paper work
  • Bedding
  • indoor and outdoor space
  • saying goodbye to your little fur babies
If that hasn’t scared you off,

If that hasn’t scared you off, Join us in our madness and fun. It definitely has its plus side.

One of the greatest joys, is past buyers that stay in touch and send lovely photos and stories of their bulldogs.

And if there are days, we seem grumpy, forgive us.  You probably called a breeder who may have, had no sleep and has been up with the mother all night – or we have had a mountain of paper work to do, there is a lot paper work to do.

If you want to breed, and you are the real deal, we will offer help to you.   We will consider selling you one of our breeding puppies or help you find a breeding puppy from our quality contacts.

(Puppies with breeding rights, have to be selected carefully, not all puppies are potential breeders).

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